Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, MFT 43464

Erin Mokhtar, MFT

16 Years of Creative Solutions

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In addition to my studies and professional development, I also bring some special qualities from my personal experiences;


1. Patience. Today I am a married, mother of two; which to date has taught me much about humility (and my oldest isn't even a teenager yet!).


2. Experience. I spent 8 years traveling and living abroad and speak several languages. It is my heart's passion to explore human cultures and different traditions and world views.  


3. Inner Stillness. I have studied meditation and intuitive practices for 15 years, and am an active participant of the Compassionate Communication community.


4. Emotional Resonance. I have personally let go and healed from tragedy in my life and that has given me the depth to sit with others as they attempt to overcome theirs.


5. Curiosity. I keep learning about new things all the time; I especially like discovering shortcuts :) and sharing them with you.  


I have participated in ongoing mentoring, consultation, and spiritually-focused groups every year since leaving graduate school. It keeps the work fresh and engaging for me so that I continue to be fascinated with the individuals that come in and the craft of psychotherapy.


Intensive Career Development of at least 6 month duration in the following:


  • EMDR

  • NVC/ Empathy and Self-Expression (4 years)

  • Coaching and Mediation

  • Strategic Family Counseling (including one-way mirror

  • Developmental Couple Therapy (*current)



Erin has worked in community settings as a clinical therapist in the behavioral health field for over 13 years. During her career she has adapted a problem-solving approach and a value in present-time goals. She has worked as an Early Childhood Mental Health Specialist and an Adolescent Psychotherapist in 2 public school counseling programs at both the elementary and high school levels. For 5 years, she was a Primary Clinical Therapist for clients and their families struggling with addictions and/or mental illness. She has facilitated over 1000 psychotherapy groups.


She later went on to a thriving research project between managed care and Harvard University offering counseling, advocacy, and Life Coaching services to families with chronic and serious medical diagnoses. She was a part of the Family Institute project providing family therapy in Spanish with at-risk teens. She also worked at the nation’s oldest Suicide Crisis Hotline and Prevention Center. Since 2010, Erin has been in private practice serving individuals and  Erin received her Masters Degree in Integral (East-West) Counseling in 2000 from the California Institute of Integral Studies. Erin has professional training in mediation/ conflict resolution, addictions and trauma treatment, intuition and meditation practices, and strategic family therapy. Ongoing professional development ensures that clients have access to current best practices and that time and resources are used efficiently.



In 2013, Erin received recognition from the American Psychiatric Association (APA) as a Collaborating Investigator for the new edition of the Manual of Psychiatric Diagnoses; the DSM-V.


In 2005, Erin received recognition from the National Association of Mental Illness (NAMI) for her work with chronic mental illness.


In 2006, one of her clients was chosen, with their spouse and children, to speak before a Congressional committee about the family's treatment and recovery to raise awareness that treatment for addictions works and must be a continuing societal priority, particularly in support of the children of addicted parents and breaking familial cycles.