Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, MFT 43464

Erin Mokhtar, MFT

16 Years of Creative Solutions

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If you are struggling with decisions, and needing more confidence or peace of mind, counseling can help. 


To enjoy life more fully, to feel comfortable around other people, and to make decisions from a place of confidence...


...all this comes from clarity.



If you’re like most of my clients…some days are good, some days are full of doubt; rethinking and overthinking situations. You may feel confused about big choices around relationships or work. You may feel unable to make decisions or procrastinate around taking the steps you know you need to take.


My job as a counselor or coach is to support you in making the changes that you want in your life; whether it be to gain clarity about whether your current relationship or career is where you want to be, or to be able to recover from a painful life experience. I will pose questions to stimulate your thinking so that you include all that is possible. I will help you clarify and define what really matters to you. I will give you honest feedback from an outside perspective. If information or strategies are needed, I will offer them based on my education, experience, and knowledge of best practices in the field.


Erin’s philosophy on counseling and psychology flows from human needs psychology.




Specialized Services offered:  


  • Creative arts therapy with pre-adolescents and teens

  • Parenting and Identifying your child’s unique temperament

  • Decision Counseling

  • Support for Difficult Relationships

  • EMDR Sessions/ PTSD

  • Cognitive Behavioral therapy for Depression, Panic, and Anxiety

  • ACA (Adult Child of Alcoholics), Sobriety Support and Relapse Prevention

  • Couples and Family Healing Dialogues

  • Guided Visualization and Centering Meditations for Anxiety and Chronic Pain